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It's Called A Lot Of Things, Contingent Labor, Staff Augmentation, Temporary Staffing, Or Just Staffing...we Choose "On-Demand Staff".

Gita Offers A Full Service 'REDUCED RATE' Or 'SPEED TO FILL' Staffing Solution For Our Customers Who Need An On-Demand Resources For Their IT Needs, No Matter If It's One Day, One Week Or One Year.  These Reduce Rate Services Are Reserved For Our Clients And Customers Who Operate Within Our Vertical Market And Are Considerably Less Than Traditional And Typical Staffing Firms Fees And Costs.   

Service Level Agreements (SLA) Are Agreed To By Our Customers And Our Team, According To The Specific Needs Of The Customer Or Company.  These SLA's Are Varied In Scope, Flexible, And Easily Changed Or Upgraded When Needed. 

 Gita Has Employed Thousands Of Skilled Resources Over The Years, Many Of Which Perform Services On An As Needed Basis. Our Pool Of Trained And Experienced Individuals Can Assist On A Short Or Long Term Basis With Most Any Aspects Of Your Onsite IT Needs.  

 Many Traditional Staffing And Consulting Firms Utilize Gita For Their Customers' Needs That Are Outside The Scope Of Their Core Competency.  Our Approach To On Demand Resources Is 'no Minimum' Length Of Engagement, Competitive Pricing With An Honest And Ethical Approach To Both The Customer And To The Talented Employee. 

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