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About the Best IT Service Management Company

Gita is committed to helping customers resolve IT problems by delivering on-site, on-demand technical support from professionals, in a seamless and worry-free process.

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Larry Van Loon founded the Benchmark Career Institute at 3301 Northland Dr Austin Texas in the year 2007, Benchmark was then amongst the leading ICT training Institutes in the North Americas. In 2012 Mr Loon Sold Benchmark Career Institutes to Gita Allied Technologies LLC, A conglomerate jointly owned by Petro-Drill Global Corp Headed by Dr Hermann Harden and Benchmark Standard Energy Headed by Nathan Nathan both of Houston Texas, USA.

The Company progressed from just an Information & Communication Technology Training institute approved by Texas Workforce Commission to a Global leader in the ICT & Petroleum Industries Skills Training, Empowerment and Certification Corporation Currently Headed by Isaac Thangod and Dr Cornel Smith both Technology Experts in the Petroleum and ICT global industries.

The Company grew rapidly and created what is now the 'Fastest Growing onsite ICT Services Company in the United States'! The company is located in the popular Legacy Center in Houston Galleria, Texas, and has regional offices in Katy TX, Austin TX, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Port Harcourt, Nigeria etc and with hundreds of employees throughout the United States and thousands of veted and tested free lance auxiliary International Staffs.

Founded as Benchmark Career Institute LLC., the company rebranded to Gita Allied Technologies in 2012, evolving into the best IT service management company, and expanded its footprint to include onsite warranty repair (break/fix), data migration services, LCD and Point of Sale hardware installation and replacement, server solutions and most any and all types of IT smart hands services.

Our Focus on being the Best IT Service Management Company

The "IT Boots on the Ground" approach and focus makes Gita Allied Technologies the best IT service management company not only in servicing many areas of the United States but also global locations where competitors don't wish to operate, such as the rural areas with poor network connectivity, and 'white space' areas where reliable and consistent service is typically unavailable.

Gita Allied covers over 15,000 zip codes across the United States, establishing itself as the best IT service management company with coverage to almost 70% of the country, and continues to expand its reach weekly.

Gita Allied, recognized as the best IT service management company, provides 'on-site' technical services to our customers with offerings that include:

  • 1 Hardware Break/Fix for OEMs
  • 2 Cyber Security
  • 3 Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes ( IMAC )
  • 4 Implementations
  • 5 Networking Service
  • 6 Managed Services
  • 7 Deployments
  • 8 Software upgrades, Installations, Troubleshooting
  • 9 White Space area coverage
  • 10 Warranty Support and Service
  • 11 Desktop Support / Technical Support - Onsite and Remote
  • 12 Computer, Printer and LCD/LED Service
  • 13 Point of Sale (POS) Services
  • 14 On Demand Staffing
  • 15 Desktop and Deskside Support
  • 16 Four Hour Emergency Technical Support
  • 17 Same Day Technical Support
  • 18 Next Day Technical Support
  • 19 Projects and Delivery Management
IT Service Management Company
Our vision is to be the solution center
of the world using technological solutions.

Our Mission

To build a quality and comprehensive technology infrastructure, establish and maintain an effective operational environment, and deliver quality customer base, cost effective and reliable technology services.

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