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Site Survey

Gita performs hundreds of "Site Surveys" each year in over 45 states across the United States. 

Our Site Survey solutions are targeted at most all industries and can be conducted during in or out of business hours if needed/  Previous projects include Banks, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Schools, Government Facilities and others.

Site Surveys include planned installation of new equipment, construction, moves/adds/changes, (IMAC), and swap outs of computer, POS, printer, server or other equipment.  Services also include any on-site presence necessary to document, audit or any other task necessary to fufill specific customer requirements.     

Prior projects include hard copy submissions of results, online real time electronic submissions or any combination. Surveys also can include cabling and non-cabling needs. 

Site Surveys are completely customizable, and can be provided with or without F2 Project Management.  Project Coordinators and Dispatchers are available to assist with any turn key site survey needs.
No matter how large or how small, Gita provides reliable solutions to help our customers perform site surveys across the U.S.  

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